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When you work with The Law Offices of Eve McClurg, PA, you’ll receive the kind of personal attention that no longer exists in most law offices or any other business for that matter. Eve didn’t pursue law as a career simply because she was interested in the law and litigation, she pursued law because she wanted to help people. Helping people is priority one at The Law Offices of Eve McClurg, PA. Eve’s team is comprised of other attorneys in the Eve McClurg family who feel the same way she does about helping others and serving their community. Personal service and attention to you, the client, is what you’ll get when you work with Eve and her team at The Law Offices of Eve McClurg, PA.

Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida divorce attorney Eve McClurg is a seasoned lawyer in Florida who understands how tough it can be for everyone when divorce happens. Some divorces are amicable, but even an amicable divorce can be an emotional time as two partners move on with their lives, and children may experience anxiety or depression. It’s a difficult time for a family and you need a legal representative who has the experience in this area of law to deal with the many issues, documents, agreements, etc. that can certainly be overwhelming if you have to go it alone. You don’t. As a top divorce attorney in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, Eve provides the advice and legal representation you need to get you through this difficult time, protecting your interests every step of the way. Eve knows you’ll have questions and anything you need to know about the process she’ll explain thoroughly when you come in for a free consultation.

What Questions Should I Ask My Attorney | The Law Offices of Eve McClurg, PA

When you meet with your attorney in a first consultation, you’ll probably have a million thoughts running through your mind on all sorts of issues, issues about your case, your family’s best interests, your finances, and more, but you’ll also want to ask your attorney about their background and experience, their business, and strategies for succeeding with cases. Take a look at the list below and be prepared for your initial consultation. Your attorney will be happy to answer all your questions, and if they seem like they don’t want to, well that’s good too because you’ll know right off the bat that they’re not the attorney for you. Because when you need a divorce attorney in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, you’ll want to work with one who is enthusiastic about helping you.

  1. How many divorce or family law cases have you handled in the last year?
  2. Is divorce an area of law that you excel in and have a great deal of experience handling?
  3. Be honest, will I be able to reach you by phone whenever I have questions?
    I understand there are times that you may be in court, or with a client, but if I call, I want to hear back from you as soon as possible.
  4. Do you use a particular strategy with all your cases? If so, what type of strategy is that? Or do you tailor solutions more individually?
  5. If I decide to work with your firm as my divorce attorney in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, will you be the sole attorney handling my case, or do you pass off some of the work to other attorneys in your firm?
  6. How much is this going to cost me, in regard to your hourly rate? And how are your fees broken down? What if your paralegal handles something for you, how is that charged?
  7. Considering all the facts I’ve provided so far, how would the court rule?
  8. I’ve heard that some divorce attorneys in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida hire outside experts and professionals to assist with cases. How is that billed? What are the charges for those kinds of outside experts?
  9. What’s the bottom line here on my costs? Can you give me an estimate of the total cost to cover the entire divorce proceeding?

NOTE: This is a very difficult question to answer because predicting the length, scope, ease of dealing with the other party, mitigating circumstances, etc. is practically impossible at such an early stage. However, this question can serve as a good litmus test to check their candor and honesty. Therefore, while you probably won’t get a dollar amount, you will get a sense of how your attorney evaluates costs, and how much they respect you as a client.

Do I Need an Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce? | Finding an Experienced Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida Divorce Attorney, Florida

Do you need an attorney in an uncontested divorce? The short answer is—probably. Even if the divorce is amicable, and both parties are really working to make it a smooth process, there is still a lot to cover—complex agreements and a myriad of issues that a seasoned divorce attorney could assist with, to make your life easier. Whether your divorce is being settled in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida or another area in the state, you’ll likely want an attorney who has been through it all before, to guide you and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

There are so many issues to cover in a divorce proceeding. You’ll need to make a plan for custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, dividing up real estate and other things of value, handling debt, and so much more. As a skilled divorce attorney in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, Eve McClurg has handled many cases, and she knows exactly how to plan and manage all divorce-related issues in a manner that will protect your rights and interests while being fair to the other party as well.

Top Three Qualities a Good Divorce Attorney in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida Should Possess

Experience & Skill

While you can certainly have one without the other, you don’t want to hire a divorce attorney, or any other kind of attorney, who doesn’t possess both. You need an attorney who has been there, who has handled your kind of case again and again over the years. And they need to be able to show a demonstrable track record of success.


A good attorney needs to have a command of communication skills. Not only should she or he be able to communicate to the courts, judges, other parties, etc. but she or he should be able to communicate with you, to explain every step of your divorce process so you clearly understand the procedure, agreements, etc. in order to give you peace of mind.


When you need to talk to your attorney they should be available to you without days of delay. If your attorney is ‘too busy’ for you, then that’s not the counsel you want on your team. Your attorney may have a busy schedule, most do, but an attorney who takes days to return your call is probably not the one who will champion your issues in the manner you deserve.

When you need a divorce attorney in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, reach out to The Law Offices of Eve McClurg, PA. Get the personal attention and quality legal counsel you deserve.

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