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The Law Offices of Eve McClurg


“Truly Exceptional , Fearless , Extremely Knowledgable & A Master in her field is the best way to Describe Eve MCCLURG. My husband and I spoke to several attorneys before we met with Eve , and even though some where very informative we felt like they were telling us what they thought we wanted to hear, then we met with EVE MCCLURG and she didn’t sugarcoat anything she told us exactly what the facts were and what to expect. And she gave us a very realistic expectation of timeframe and everything else we were honestly so impressed that when we left her office it took us about 15 minutes to call her back and hire her, we have been using her services for 9 months now and she has been truly exceptional, not only is she always a phone call or text message away not like other attorneys that you have to speak to seven people before you get to talk to the attorney , but she’s also always one step ahead of the game and every hurdle that’s come our way she has squashed , and the funny thing is you see this petite beautiful young woman and you think how tough or intimidating can she really be, and then you see her in a court room and she is a force to be reckoned with to say the least, so needless to say I would highly recommend her for any type of case whether it be custody Or anything where you really need somebody with knowledge , integrity and the heart of a lioness.”

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