Supplemental Petition for Modification / Post Judgment

After a Final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage or Paternity action has been entered, new issues may result which may require further assistance related to the children, support or the failure to receive property.

In the state of Florida, issues related to parental responsibility, time sharing or child support can be modified based on a substantial change in circumstances. For instance, if a parent is not properly caring for the minor child, if there are abuse or neglect issues, the Court can re-examine the case and enter a new order as it relates to the children. This may include suspended or supervised time sharing until the parent can properly provide for the best interests of the child. Additionally, if the income of the parties has changed, issues related to child support can be modified.

A party may also need to enforce the Final Judgment by filing a Contempt and Enforcement Motion. For example, if one party has failed to distribute property or if a party has failed to make payment in accordance to the Final Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement, the other party has the right to enforce the Order and seek attorney fees and/or criminal sanctions.

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