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When children are born out of wedlock, a Petition to Establish Paternity can be filed. If the Father believes that a child is not their biological child a Petition to Disestablish Paternity can be filed. The Courts may order DNA testing to properly adjudicate the Father of the child. In a number of cases, the Father’s name appears on the birth certificate and has filed an acknowledgement of paternity. Even if these documents have been filed the Father may still contest Paternity if new evidence is submitted to show that he is not the biological father.

In many case paternity is not contested. The courts will then establish parental responsibility, which used to be called custody in the state of Florida. Thereafter, a time sharing schedule will be establish in the best interest of the child. Lastly, the courts will establish child support and other issues related to the expenses associated with raising a child.

An experienced and knowledgeable Family Law Attorney can make a significant difference in establishing paternity, as the laws can be confusing, and may change over time with changes in family structures. Call Eve McClurg for a free consult.

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