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In any litigation where children are involved can be stressful. The parents first need to focus on their child’s safety and well-being. The state of Florida has abolished the terms related to custody, temporary custody, sole custody and visitation. The state of Florida now uses the terms sole parental responsibility, shared parental responsibility with ultimate decision making authority and can establish a time sharing plan.

Regardless of the new terms, the issues related to the children remain the same. Some parents are not involved in their children’s lives, neglect their needs, don’t have the proper accommodations, have substance abuse issues or worse, abuse their children. In these instances, the Courts can suspend time sharing or order supervised time sharing. Other parents are constantly involved in the child’s life, provide for the child’s food, clothing and shelter and have a tremendous relationship with their child. In these cases, issues related to time sharing are not that prevalent but time sharing still needs to be established in the best interest of the child.

During your consult we will discuss the specific issues related to your unique family and develop a case plan in the best interest of the children. It takes a skilled, aggressive family law attorney to specifically and successfully obtain optimal resolution for each unique client in accordance with their specific goals. Please contact The Law Firm of Eve McClurg, experience you can trust.

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