Good Morning Eve,

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that require professional legal advice. Unfortunately, I recently found myself in one of those situations.

I started my Google search by entering “the best divorce lawyer in Lee County”. The Law Firm of Eve McClurg, P.A was the first to appear.

My search was over, I never had any doubts. Believe in Eve!


Dear Eve ,

I want to say thank you for helping me through an extremely difficult chapter of my life . Thank you does not seem quite adequate because I feel as though I have been giving an opportunity to regain control of my life and am free from the miserable existence that I used to call life and living. For the first time in years I know what a good night’s sleep feels like and the constant confusion and self doubt in my head is completely gone . I appreciate your calm and caring manner which served me well in going through the process of my divorce.

On your website I was happy to see that I am not the only one who is extremely satisfied with your professionalism and your ability to help your clients through whatever their issues and making it as seem less as possible.  Without a doubt not only do I believe in Eve, you also believe in us ( your clients ) .I am going to ensure that as much as possible I can direct people to you so they can benefit from your services.



Dear Eve,

I want to thank you for your quick & efficient handling of my divorce. I appreciate your professionalism and the way you advised me, in a manner that a non-attorney could understand. Thank you for answering all my concerns & questions and for getting back to me each time, in a timely manner. I hope I never need an attorney again, but if I do, you will be my choice. I will recommend you, to anyone else who needs one also. Thank you.


Ms. McClurg:

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the past year representing me.  Your thoroughness and professionalism with the handling of my case proved to be very beneficial and I greatly appreciate your efforts.  I am so glad you were referred to me and will do the same for others in need of your services.


I have been very impressed with Eve McClurg’s professionalism and honesty. I would highly recommend people looking for Family Law Attorney to call Eve. She understands just how to help people with honesty and integrity.


I would like to say Thank you, for representing my case, I made the right decision, choosing you as my attorney.I was referred to Ms. Eve McClurg to handle a situation for me, her representation and litigation skills were impeccable. Eve’s services are enlightened by her wealth of in-depth knowledge, client satisfaction and Florida law. Her honed skills will excite you and guide you, into making sound decisions. Ms. McClurg’s reputation for being honest, courteous, understanding, and attention to detail, have obviously, contributed to many satisfied clients just like me. “Characteristics that are rare, in many of today’s organizations” Eve McClurg is the only “Experienced Professional” you will ever need because, I believe she has done this consistently for hundreds of people just like me, and she can help you to.


Thank you Eve. You were great to work with and I would gladly recommend your firm.


Eve was nothing short of amazing! Her professionalism and commitment to me will never be forgotten. I would HIGHLY recommend her. “Believe in Eve!’ I did, and the outcome of my case was exactly what I wanted!

Michael P.

Thank you for all your hard work. Although dealing with the divorce was not fun I appreciate working with you. Thanks again for all you did for me.

Norma R

I speak from personal experience when I say she is truly amazing, fearless and a true professional.

Tiffany M

Our family is complete thanks to Eve. The process was completely stress free, lightning fast and the best rate in town. Hands down, you will not find a better attorney.

Matthew R

Extremely knowledgable and very professional! Highly recommended!


Extremely knowledgeable and very professional! Highly recommended! I felt Eve treated my case as if it was her own. Attention to detail and she explained all the facts of my case in a manner I could easily understand. My expectations were surpassed by her great work in a very timely manner. I highly recommend!


Truly Exceptional , Fearless , Extremely Knowledgable & A Master in her field is the best way to Describe Eve MCCLURG. My husband and I spoke to several attorneys before we met with Eve , and even though some where very informative we felt like they were telling us what they thought we wanted to hear, then we met with EVE MCCLURG and she didn’t sugarcoat anything she told us exactly what the facts were and what to expect. And she gave us a very realistic expectation of timeframe and everything else we were honestly so impressed that when we left her office it took us about 15 minutes to call her back and hire her, we have been using her services for 9 months now and she has been truly exceptional, not only is she always a phone call or text message away not like other attorneys that you have to speak to seven people before you get to talk to the attorney , but she’s also always one step ahead of the game and every hurdle that’s come our way she has squashed , and the funny thing is you see this petite beautiful young woman and you think how tough or intimidating can she really be, and then you see her in a court room and she is a force to be reckoned with to say the least, so needless to say I would highly recommend her for any type of case whether it be custody Or anything where you really need somebody with knowledge , integrity and the heart of a lioness .

Tanya T

Eve is truly the best attorney I know. I’m very lucky to know her. In the event of my own divorce, she would be my first phone call.


Anything we do in life which requires us to retain the services of an attorney is expected to be stressful. With Eve, that was certainly not the case at all. Not only did she make it worry free, she did it in record time and at a more than reasonable fee. Our family owes her more gratitude than words can express. I have already recommended her to a colleague, and our process was just completed today. Thank you Eve for helping make our family complete.


Outstanding attorney with expression of detail. As a Real Estate Broker and land developer,Eve has represented me in 4 cases. These cases were specifically a result of the recent real estate crash and subsequent failure of three of my lenders that were taken over by FDIC or forced mergers as ordered by the OCC or other governmental agencies. These cases totaled several million dollars and In each case the results for me were outstanding because of good research, presentation, promptness and outstanding negotiating skills on her behalf. Eve is a good example of a good example of those who want to earn the highest professional standards.


We needed a rainbow. Eve McClurg assisted me in the procedures required to gain custody of my two children and did it with 100% accuracy, honesty and integrity. She’s more than capable of getting the job done. We are very grateful for her knowledge and expertise we so desperately needed. She helped us complete and conclude what we set out to do and she helped us come out on top. So with much gratitude, I will never forget what she accomplished for us.


Love Eve….professional, informative, and no beating around the bush. I will definitely recommend her.

Rebecca B

I believe in Eve because of her determination, knowledge, and passion for what she does. She will diligently get positive outcomes with sensitivity and zeal. You won’t find another one on one lawyer like this in Fort Meyers.


I wanted to thank you for your help throughout this matter. Please know that I have nothing but kind words towards you and your efforts. I know it was slow going, and I know that your hands were tied many times by the law. However, in spite of this- you stuck with me and got me something in return. Your assistance, patience, and willingness to fight for me and my son did not go unnoticed, and you made a huge difference in our life.

Shelly D.

Eve is so successful and caring that I would recommend her to everyone! At this hard time and decision in your life you need a lawyer that will stand by you and push you to make decisions to better your situation! She is affordable and the best at what she does. She always puts all documents in place in a keen manner! She pushes the courts along as fast as she can to help each and every client. She will keep in contact with you and stays on top of every important date for your case. When you have Eve McClurg on your side your ratio of becoming on top is super high! She is the best lawyer I have ever met! I suggest hiring Eve

Believe in Eve, Experience You Can trust

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